• Joyce Apotne

What if You Could Buy ONE Gift & Assist a Family at the Same Time?

That is what will happen when you shop at Amazon or

Walmart on line this Christmas!

You see Renegade Radio Nashville is a

proud sponsor of Farm Rescue. Farm Rescue is a one of a kind NON-Profit organization that provides planting, harvesting and haying assistance to farm families that have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster. One of the biggest financial drains on a family is an unexpected medical injury or illness and, of course, a natural disaster. It is even more pronounced on a farm where a family's livelihood depends on the ability to plant, harvest or hay a crop. Farm Rescue gives families a chance to continue their livelihood by providing the necessary equipment and manpower to plant, harvest or hay their crop, free of charge. Their ability to help families on the land is 100% dependent upon some pretty amazing people - volunteers, sponsors and individual donors. They give of their time, talents and financial resources to help put a crop in the ground or harvest its bounty for families that are in crisis. Selfless acts. Selfless people. It doesn't get much better than that in our book!

Now, Farm Rescue has been approved by AMAZON and WALMART to receive a percentage of the total dollar amount from purchases completed through the Farm Rescue page. The links are safe and secure since your purchases are completed on the website of Amazon or Walmart. There is no additional cost to any items purchased. Purchases are the same as you have always done except that you are now making your normal purchase(s) and helping Farm Rescue to assist more families.

Please use the links below that will take you directly to the AMAZON and WALMART sites to make ALL your purchases. You can copy, paste and save these links all year long.

We THANK YOU in advance for helping our nation's FARMERS.




Nashville, TN 

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