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Aaron Lewis Talks with Captain Jack about "That Ain't Country"

Ever talk to anyone who is over the top passionate about a subject? The one where their heart races and they get more and more animated as they speak. Well, if you are around Captain Jack when he talks about traditional country music, you will know that exact feeling. We don't think there is anyone on the planet more passionate then he about the seeming move away from the traditional sound of the likes of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard when it comes to today's country. Captain Jack recently had the chance to talk with Aaron Lewis about his thoughts and they apparently are on the same page regarding the much needed return to the roots of country music. His influences were, of course, Merle, Hank Jr and Hank Sr among others as he listened to their music at his Grandpa's house as a youngster. Eventually he moved on to a tremendous career as the founding member of the rock group Staind, with whom he had released seven studio albums. But he is back now writing tunes like his HOT new hit "That Ain't Country" , which Aaron says he wrote on a bet from his plumber who bet he couldn't sit down and write an appealing country song! Well he did and here it is.............


Nashville, TN 

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